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plato ducha medida madera grafito aTEXTURA GRAFITO

Our prices include shower tray, drainage grating, valve and transport price in Spanish peninsula.


¬Fabricación estándar, a medida y formas especiales.
¬44 kg. de peso por m2.
¬Válvula 60mm. (altura) – 90mm. (diámetro) – 43 L/min. aprox. ¬Espesor del plato convencional 2,7cm.
¬Espesor del plato enmarcado o semi-marco 3,5cm.
¬Embalaje en caja de madera individual.


rejilla rectangular a

¬Rejilla alargada (2medidas) 13,5x62,5cm para anchos de 80-90100cm. y 13,5x53cm para anchos de 70-75cm.

rejilla cuadrada a

¬Rejilla cuadrada. 13,5x13,5cm

Shower Trays

In Nudespol manufacture shower trays and extra-planes as in any model from our catalog.

platos de_ducha_a_medidaEn Nudespol fabricamos platos de ducha a medida planos y extraplanos en cualquier modelo de nuestro catálogo.

The dimensions and design of a shower is conditional on the building elements that surround it.

Select the location to install your dish and collect data and measurements to describe the same situation

  • description of the location
    the pillars and angles
    wxl measures
    location of the drain valve (central, lateral)
    reference plate model

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